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Ground Cover Plants for Florida

Low-growing ground cover plants can be used in areas of light foot traffic along walkways in front of taller flowers and in shady spots where grass will not flourish They are also used to control soil erosion A hardy native ground cover plant in Florida can easily thrive and reduce garden maintenance

What Is the Fastest Growing Ground Cover?

Sweet woodruff (Galium odoratum) is a perennial ground cover native to Eurasia that readily naturalizes in USDA zones 4 to 8 This plant thrives in moist shady areas and quickly forms dense coverage in woodlands rock gardens and borders When bruised or cut its leaves yield a fragrance reminiscent of freshly mown hay In spring the plant rewards the observant with clusters of delicate white

Australian Native Ground Cover Range by Plant Native!

Australian Native Ground Cover Range by Plant Native! Coastal Planting Good for Tubs Tolerates Light Frost Frost Hardy Size Range Please use the icons below to filter our plant range Our Plant Range Large Tree Medium Tree Small Tree Large Shrub Medium Shrub

8 Succulents That Make Pretty Easy

Apr 03 2019While larger succulents are often used singly as accent or container plants smaller succulents are getting a second look for use as ground covers As with other succulents they are attractive drought-tolerant and low-maintenance Here are 8 low-growing

The 10 Best Evergreen Ground Cover Plants that Grow Quickly

Use pachysandra to cover deeply shaded ground This plant offers rich dark jade foliage and little clusters of white flowers Pachysandra will take a few seasons to establish but once at home will thrive on neglect Plant it and ignore it: The plant is about as low-maintenance as

Tough Ground Covers

A garden in which every square inch of ground is filled with plants is far more appealing than one dominated by chipped wood Ground covers have come to be unfairly typified by a few lackluster varieties such as pachysandra ( Pachysandra terminalis USDA Hardiness Zones 4–8) and green lilyturf ( Liriope spicata Zones 6–10)

12 Ground Cover Plants for Shade

Plants that perform well as ground covers in shady areas earn this reputation because they are extremely tenacious and able to thrive without much sunlight But this virtue can lead to problems since some shade-loving plants can overrun a landscape and may even escape a garden naturalize and threaten native plant species

18 Great Ground Cover Plants for Shade (Including Pictures)

Aug 23 2020The Japanese pachysandra (Pachysandra terminalis) is a low-growing leafy evergreen plant that is good for ground cover under shrubs or in other shady parts of your garden This type of shade-loving perennial ground cover plant produces small flowers in the spring The Japanese pachysandra (also called the carpet box plant) has creeping stems with light-green glossy leaves


Most of these plants spread easily which is why they're called groundcovers Just about any spreading perennial can be used as a ground cover and even clump-formers can be planted en-masse to create the same effect Begin your search for ground covers by observing what grows well now in your yard

Plants for ground cover

From annual to evergreen ground cover there are plenty of ground cover plants for sunny spots in your garden: • Aubrieta 'Royal Mixed' – this tough evergreen plant thrives on even the poorest of soils • Dianthus deltoides 'Micro Chips'– flowers the first year making it a great choice for covering bare soil • Oregano – hardy perennial that also tastes and smells delicious

Ground Cover Plants for Shade or Sun

A versatile ground cover adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions spotted deadnettle grows in most soil types and tolerates everything from dappled shade to full sun The scallop-edged leaves come in a variety of color variegations and remain attractive all season

The 15 Best Flowering Ground Covers for Yard

Jul 20 2020Pay close attention to descriptions of plant heights as you make your selections You don't want to shop for a ground-hugger to plant between paving stones and come home with a two-foot spike variety! I love the ground cover plants that meander through my property

Native Groundcovers: Sustainable Choices for Sun and Shade

Sep 01 2004Over the winter the stems and leaves sink to the ground but generally remain evergreen (In Zones 6 and lower the foliage may die back completely ) In the spring the cycle repeats Allegheny pachysandra is a clumping plant and thus spreads more slowly than the stoloniferous Japanese species

Hardy Ground Cover Plants at Thompson

At last! A plant that not only tolerates but positively thrives in dry hot sunny borders and rockeries! The succulent fleshy-leaved plants cover the ground quickly and become clothed in a rich carnival of colour all summer long More Info Sun shade: Full sun Grows in: Beds Flower Colour: Mixed Longevity: Annual


Perennial groundcovers are an indispensable part of any well designed replacing patches of unused or difficult-to-mow areas filling spaces between flagstone or pavers or for creating a "living mulch "

Ground Cover Vines

When your are searching for ground cover plants drought tolerant ground cover or ground cover flowers near me AP Nursery has the plants you're looking for in Mesa Queen Creek and Gilbert With our wide selection of ground cover plants homeowners and landscapers from all over the Phoenix Valley come to us for the locally grown plants they can rely on


Grow the vigorous spreader considered invasive in some areas in moist soil Creeping Jenny is perennial in U S Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 to 8 Another small-leaved ground cover that's safe for dogs plumbago (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides) is a more compact plant that grows best in USDA zones 5 to 9 and prefers somewhat

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Check out our range of Ground Cover Plants products at your local Bunnings Warehouse Visit us today for the widest range of Plants products COVID-19 Update to Customers Our Metropolitan Melbourne stores will remain open for Trade customers only We encourage retail customers to use our Click Deliver or Drive Collect service

Ground Force: Top 10 Ground Covers for Your Garden

Sep 15 2014There are many to choose from – basically any plant that will hug the soil leaving very little bare soil exposed can be classed as a ground cover whether it's a herb perennial or a low-growing shrub Take a look at our top 10 best all-round ground covers and think about adding some of these very useful plants to your garden this summer

How To Grow and Care For Ice Plant (Delosperma)

The bright green foliage forms a tight growing mat that covers itself in early to mid-spring with a carpet of bright pink flowers Very cold hardy this is often the first of the cold hardy Ice Plants to bloom in spring Does best at higher elevations and areas with cooler summers not a good choice for hot climates Needs water in the summer

The 15 Best Flowering Ground Covers for Yard

Jul 20 2020Pay close attention to descriptions of plant heights as you make your selections You don't want to shop for a ground-hugger to plant between paving stones and come home with a two-foot spike variety! I love the ground cover plants that meander through my property

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Elevate your sights above the usual ground hugging varieties and try plants of all sizes to solve your as cover-ups for unsightly bare spots under trees and shrubs or to soften hard lines around sidewalks or stepping stones

16 Fast Growing Ground Cover Plants to Transform Your Yard

Ground cover plants are useful in landscaping and garden beds because they add visual interest help keep weeds away and cover areas other plants can't They're a low-maintenance landscaping solution but chances are you don't want to wait for months for the ground cover to grow

Ground Cover Plants As Lawn Replacements Borders

Nov 19 2019But when planting ground cover plants you'll avoid much of that Sure you may still have some weed issues but once the ground cover takes over most weeds won't survive The dense matting of roots that these hardy little plants put down choke out other growth